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Child and Teen Obesity: Ten Active Activities Every Child Should Be Able to Do

You do not have to look far to find a catalogue of publications and articles about child, teen and adult obesity levels being on the increase. It is not surprising that child and teenage obesity levels have risen ten-fold in the last four decades across the world. It is not surprising that child and teenage..Read More

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Two boys jumping on trampoline

The Impact of TVs, Smartphones and Tablets on Children

Walking out of your house, at the school gates, at the shops and – even more surprising – at the playground are just a few of the places you will notice toddlers, kids and teens gazing down at the screens of tablets and smartphones. Even worse is what happens indoors in front of the TV..Read More

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Parenting With Patience

What you are not told before you have children is the level of patience that is required.  But, having had two kids prior to my third in January 2017, you might ask if I should have had a better idea of the type of patience that was required. The answer to this is no, no,..Read More

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Donald Trump: A Parenting Case Study

Donald Trump, aka President Donald John Trump   is a walking advertisement for Marmite the food spread: you either love him or hate him. Before he became the leader of the free world, Trump was an American businessman, television personality and a politician – he thought and dreamt it, we laughed at him. And now, the..Read More

Date: 21st March 2017 14 Shares

Compliant or Defiant Child

Children have a distinct personality, which falls broadly either into a Compliant or Defiant Child category. My wife and I have been blessed with one compliant and one defiant child. The difference or behaviour between a compliant or defiant child can be startling, and presents all parents with lots of sleepless nights. All kids are..Read More

Date: 2nd December 2016 7 Shares

Mother Teresa: Love and Family

Embed from Getty Images   Mother Teresa, winner of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize, is arguably one of the most powerful women to have graced the world. With Pope Francis declaring Mother Teresa a saint in September 2016, I have been looking for ways to pay tribute to her, to someone who believed that every..Read More

Date: 20th September 2016 0 Shares

Parent-Child Kiss, Why Can’t I?

What do Victoria Beckham, The Game and Bill Belichick have in common? In the most unlikeliest of links, they have all found themselves being subjected to public debate on the rights and wrongs of the Parent-Child Kiss. In their quest to show the world just how much they love their daughter, David and Victoria Beckham shared..Read More

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Forward Facing vs Rear Facing Child Restraint Car Seat: All You Need to Know

Unequivocally, the safest way for children to travel in cars is in a child car seat that is suitable for their weight, age and size. For many a parent (or guardian) trying to pick your way through the incomprehensible range of child seats from the many manufacturers on the market that are equipped with endless..Read More

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Baby Sleep: Sub-Zero Temperatures Sleep

How many parents would leave their babies to sleep outside in the cold? The answer will be none, right? Well for those that live outside Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, the answer may very well be no way, but for most parents in those Nordic countries, the answer could not be a clearer yes to..Read More

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Parenting Difference between Mum and Dad

A graphical map, showing the genetic differences between mum and dad. Could this map explain why ND’s feel so much more exposed when nursing their kids than NM’s?

Date: 5th August 2015 0 Shares

Welcome to ND

ND welcomes you all! A fantastic video showing what Nursing Daddy is all about. This well constructed video outlines ND’s capabilities; it is basically all you need to know in under a minute of action. ND hopes that this video will persuade you to come back and see us again. Enjoy

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Parenting Difference between Mum and Dad

As an ND we often find ourselves asking the question, why do we as ND’s feel so much more exposed when nursing our kids than our NM’s? This video helps to answer that question!

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Growth and Proportional Changes in Body Segments with Age: Baby to Adult

Growth/Proportional Changes in Body Segments with Age: Baby to Adult

Children are not young adults. The head is proportionally larger and heavier in a child compared with an adult, and the face-brain proportions are different resulting in a higher centre of gravity for a child. At 3 years of age the head mass is 80% of the adult mass, and at 10 years of age..Read More

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Forward Facing and Rear Facing Child Seat with Hand Cradling Childs Head

Forward and Rear Facing Child Seat with Head Protection

Forward and rear facing child seats can be viewed as a parent cradling a child’s head for protection. In an accident a child’s head in a forward facing seat will move away from the protection of a parent’s hand, whilst a child’s head in a rear facing seat will move into the protection of a..Read More

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Children Are Not Small Adults: Injury Prevention Using Rear Facing Child Seats

Children Are Not Small Adults: Injury Prevention using Rear Facing Child Seats

Pioneering work conducted in 1969 by a guy called Burdia and his team into paediatric and anatomical considerations for design of child restraints, coined the term ‘children are not small adults’. They identified areas of the body which are under developed in kids.  Click this link for full article on forward facing vs rear facing..Read More

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